Amazon Releases Super Bowl Ad Before Game

Amazon seems to have a problem with cultural norms. It used to be that you actually had to watch the Super Bowl to see an ad made specifically for the game.

Well, the company that extended Black Friday into a whole month, created their own “sales holiday” (Prime Day), now releases their Super Bowl ad early.

But don’t panic, the company apparently uses a trick to make sure their ads do not trigger Alexa units.

Amazon Brings The Fun Back to Super Bowl Ads

It seems Super Bowl ads over the last few years have become a bit boring. It used to be the games were boring and the ads were interesting. But that changed a bit the last few years.

Anyone remember the Budweiser frog commercials from the mid-90s during the game. They were fun.

Or the ad by FedEx when they showed a test screen and explained the ad agency messed up and should have used FedEx. Good Stuff!

So with all of that, Amazon may not have totally captured some of the iconic Super Bowl ads of the past, but this one is a lot more fun than anything aired during last year’s game.

Oh yeah, and they released the ad on YouTube… Hmmm!!!¬†And they mention the city Austin… Let the HQ2 conspiracies begin!

Hit the Play Button above to watch the ad now. As always, we welcome your thoughts on it in the comments section below.

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