Amazon Reopens Seller-Fulfilled Prime Enrollment (SFP) Without Proposed Program Fee

In 2015, Amazon launched the Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program by allowing sellers to manage product fulfillment independently while providing fast, reliable, and free delivery to Prime customers.

However, over the years, Amazon identified that SFP was not consistently delivering the high-quality experience that has become synonymous with the Prime service.

Consequently, the company temporarily halted new seller enrollment to refine the program, enhancing support for sellers and establishing clear, stringent standards designed to safeguard the customer experience.

Now, Amazon has reopened enrollment for new sellers to the SFP, signaling the implementation of the newly established program standards.

These standards are crafted to ensure that the Prime experience remains robust and reliable for customers, even when fulfillment is managed by sellers themselves.

Amazon Axes Controversial SFP Program Fee

In a noteworthy move, Amazon has also decided to retract the controversial new SFP program fee, which was initially part of the program changes set to commence on October 1.

The fee was intended to offset the company’s costs for developing and operating the program. However, after thoughtful consideration and in response to feedback, the decision was made not to implement this fee.

Amazon remains committed to supporting seller success, and maintaining a positive sentiment towards the program were cited as key reasons behind this decision.

For sellers to participate in the SFP, a pre-qualification process is in place, followed by a 30-day trial period during which they must meet all specified requirements.

This structured enrollment process is likely designed to ensure that sellers are well-prepared to uphold the Prime service standards, thereby maintaining the reliability and quality that customers have come to expect from Amazon Prime.

The adjustments to the SFP, particularly the removal of the program fee, reflect the company’s adaptive approach to balancing seller support with maintaining the integrity of the customer experience.

As the program re-launches, it will be interesting to see how the changes affect seller participation and customer satisfaction. To join the new SFP program, visit this link here (Amazon Seller Account Required).

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