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Amazon To Require New Product Attributes in June

Amazon announced that it will require third-party marketplace sellers to add additional attributes in select categories starting June 6, 2023.

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Here are the new attributes and the product types that will be required:

  • Color Name: backpack, underpants, bra, apron, keychain, costume outfit
  • Size Name: leotard, scarf, sunglasses
  • Product Description: light fixture, art supplies, hardware handle, kitchen, artificial plant, wireless accessory, home furniture and decor, office products

For the above product types, the new valid attribute information will be mandatory for all new listings to be added to the Amazon catalog.

Sellers who have active existing listings will not be required to add this information. However, not having this information could impact search results, and it’s advisable to add them when possible.

And for sellers with inactive listings, their listings will be treated as new listings and should be fixed before they are reactivated in the Manage Inventory section.

To troubleshoot listing errors, Amazon suggests going to Error code explanations.

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