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Amazon has recently concluded its 2017 Robotics Challenge. The aim of this competition is to find ways for robotics to be used in some way within the framework of eCommerce.

For this year, the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision has won the Grand Championship Combined Task as well as winning the overall Challenge.

The other winners along with Australia come from the U.S. and Singapore. For the Pick Task, the Nanyang Technological University from Singapore has won it while the for the Slow Task it is the MIT Princeton from the U.S.

For this year, the Amazon Robotics Challenge has been held at the RoboCup at the Nagoya International Exhibition Hall in Japan. RoboCup is the world’s leading competition when it comes to intelligent robots. It is also here that the events for research and training related to robotics are held.

What is the Amazon Robotics Challenge?

The AmazonRobotics Challenge was set up in order to generate more innovation that could be used within the eCommerce community.

Already it is using innovative technology on its fulfillment centers, and robotics could very well be the next step in putting eCommerce to the next level.

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The Amazon Robotics Challenge has been made more difficult for this year. This is to encourage more participation as well as for more innovation.

The winners for this year have demonstrated that their creations can have solutions for such tasks as grasp planning, motion planning, task planning and task execution, among others. The teams were judged based on how many items were picked by their creations and then stowed in a given amount of time.

Robotics is being seen as a way to make eCommerce faster. Robots can pick and handle items much faster than humans could.

They can also run for as long as needed without any rest, something that humans couldn’t do. Robotics then would make eCommerce even faster, since production and delivery time would be cut short.

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