Amazon’s flagship U.S. website is rolling out an option for Spanish over the next few weeks to appeal to the more than 40 million native Spanish speakers in the U.S.

This comes on the heels of announcing the availability of Amazon Prime for its Mexican customers which also will offer purchasing U.S. warehoused goods with the benefit of free shipping from the U.S.

On the main website and the Amazon Mobile Shopping app, Amazon customers will be able to toggle between English and Spanish to make the shopping experience easier for Spanish speakers.

In Canada, already offers a bilingual website as customer can toggle between English and French. It serves as a good example on how Amazon expects to incorporate Spanish into the U.S. website.

Mostly the second language is used for everything but product descriptions. A quick test of the Mexico website saw similar results for products that are sourced from the U.S.

At this point Amazon is not trying to translate the actual product descriptions or titles, which is probably a good thing until there is a comprehensive way to provide multi-lingual content.

Again this time testing the Canada website and searching for Amazon products (ex. Amazon Fire) still showed all description content and titles in English.

What does this mean for you if you are an Amazon marketplace seller.

For now it seems creating a marketplace listings should continue to be in English, but we suggest monitoring Amazon products for hints of additional changes coming that might allow for alternate language product descriptions and titles.

It is reasonable to assume if they will roll out such options, they will do that first on their own products.

Would you like to see Spanish, or other languages, offered as a content option for product listings on Amazon to help your business reach more customers?

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