Amazon Prime Day Fall Event?

Amazon Apparently Plans Second Prime Day Style Event Again in Fall 2023 – Update (Not Confirmed)


Is Amazon gearing up for another fall sales event in 2023? According to a post by Cruxfinder, a newsletter targeting Amazon sellers, a screenshot from Seller Central suggests eligible sellers can submit deals for a “Prime Fall Deal Event” until August 11, 2023.

However, there is no official confirmation from Amazon in Seller Central regarding this event. Additionally, we were unable to verify the link provided in the story to create a deal using an Amazon Selling account we can view.

But, this account might be ineligible for participation in this event, as it does not typically engage in deals.

Nevertheless, the screenshot published by Cruxfinder appears authentic, leading us to speculate that Amazon is indeed planning such an event again. It is likely to occur during a similar timeframe as last year’s event, which took place in mid-October.

While the inaugural fall sales event, known as Prime Early Access Sale in 2022, did not achieve the same level of success as the now highly anticipated Summer Amazon Prime Day events, a Bloomberg report indicates that it still performed well in 2022.

Considering the slowing growth in ecommerce and Amazon’s efforts to revitalize its online marketplace, a second sales event in October could provide a boost to the company’s fourth-quarter performance.

And renaming it to Prime Fall Deal Event seems like a better name than Prime Early Access Sale, which sounded a bit like an early Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion. The rename could help boost awareness as well.

Update: We’ve reached out to Amazon for confirmation/clarification of the Cruxfinder report about this second Prime Day style fall event. Unfortunately, they did not confirm (but also didn’t deny) the existence of plans for an Amazon “Prime Fall Deal Event.” We still put it in the likely column, but it’s not a “confirmed” sales event as suggested by Cruxfinder.

And before we forget, Amazon has not released the official date of Prime Day 2023 yet either, which is anticipated to be just a month away.

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