Amazon now allows sellers to control edits on their generic product listing product detail page.

Amazon Now Provides Exclusive Control of Your Generic Listing Product Detail Page


Amazon has expanded its product detail page protection to encompass generic product listings. Generic products, defined as those that do not affiliate with any recognizable brand, are now subject to a new layer of oversight and control on the ecommerce platform.

When sellers create a new product listing and label it with the brand name “Generic” – or its equivalent in local translation – they will gain exclusive control over any subsequent edits made to the product detail page, per Amazon’s listings policy.

Restrictions on Editing and Changes

However, this control comes with certain limitations. Sellers may encounter situations where they are unable to edit or make alterations to existing generic listing product detail pages. Additionally, copying the product to a different store may also be restricted.

In instances where sellers attempt to edit or add offers on another seller’s generic product, they will be met with an error message, either in feeds or during the one-to-one listing process. Subsequently, they will be directed to create a new product using the ‘Add a Product‘ tool.

Continuation of Existing Amazon Policies

It’s crucial to note that existing policies regarding brand names and intellectual property infringement remain applicable to all products, including those listed as generic. Amazon continues to enforce these policies to safeguard the interests of brands and sellers on its platform.

For a comprehensive understanding and to dig deeper into the specifics of these policies, sellers may explore the ‘Product detail page rules‘ and ‘Amazon Generic Product policy‘ on the platform.

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