Amazon launched Spark in 2017 to create the retailer’s own Instagram like social media style shopping tool.

As social media is becoming more prevalent on how people shop, Spark was to be a social media like service that used influencers to promote products and allowed buyers to share their shopping experience with friends and family.

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Spark has been replaced on the mobile app with a menu item called “#FoundItOnAmazon” and the web URL of now redirects to a shopping discovery tool featuring the #FoundItOnAmazon hashtag.

Currently, the #FoundItOnAmazon shopping discovery page focuses on Women’s fashion and home decor.

Amazon did not officially announce the “closing” of Spark, which likely means the service garnered so little interest that few shoppers even noticed that it disappeared.

This is a rare “failure” in the Amazon world, but it appears Amazon is using some of the technology behind Spark to power the #FoundItOnAmazon shopping experience.

The fact Amazon chose a hashtag may mean Amazon plans to use #FoundItOnAmazon in some of its upcoming marketing.

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