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Amazon Style – Amazon To Open Physical Clothing Store in LA


Amazon has announced that they will be opening their first-ever physical fashion store later this year in LA called Amazon Style.

The Amazon Style store promises to bring the best of shopping on Amazon together all in one place, including competitive prices, extensive selection, and mostly the famous Amazon convenience. As with the Amazon Go stores, there will of course be some clever technology and innovation to bring that online convenience to an in-store experience.

The Amazon Style Shopping Experience

Customers will be able to browse brands they know using the Amazon Shopping app. From the app, customers will be able to send items to a fitting room, and from there they will be able to use a touchscreen to browse more options, rate items, and request more sizes or styles that are delivered directly to their room within minutes.

Those customers that don’t wish to try an item on will be able to scan a QR code using the app and have the item sent straight to the checkout ready to purchase. Obviously, customers will be able to checkout using their saved Amazon credentials but they will also be able to checkout using cash or other cards too.

The first Amazon Style store will open later this year at The Americana at Brand.

The Best of Both – In-store and Online

Amazon Style promises to offer Amazon’s wide selection of fashion, the convenience of seeing and trying on items, and the competitive prices found on Below are some of the ways this hybrid approach to fashion shopping is going to bring convenience for their customers.

  • Discover in store, buy online. In addition to Amazon Style’s selection of items available for in-store purchase, customers can easily find and shop more styles online for traditional delivery.
  • Keep shopping after you leave the store. Items scanned at Amazon Style will be saved in the Amazon Shopping app, making it easy to revisit and purchase at a later time or easily find more items online from the new brands discovered in the store.
  • Shop millions of items online, try on in store. Customers can shop millions of apparel items on, request delivery to Amazon Style, and try on items in a fitting room. If an item isn’t perfect, customers can return it in store and Amazon’s impressive logistics take care of the rest.
  • Competitive prices. Amazon is known for competitive prices, and Amazon Style will be no exception. In-store prices will be the same as on Customers will also be able to view deals in store that match their preferences right in the Amazon Shopping app.

In a video released by Amazon that you can see below, they take you on a simulated journey of what a trip to an Amazon Style store could look like.

Amazon has not mentioned any plans for further store roll-outs globally other than the one physical store in LA. However, with their global logistics network, it is a pretty safe bet that if the store turns out to be a commercial success we can expect to see more Amazon Style stores popping up in major cities across the US.

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