Amazon launches A/B testing for brands on supporting images.

Amazon Brand Owners Can Now Run A/B Tests for Supporting Images to Enhance Seller Experience


In a move to further enhance the seller experience on the Amazon Marketplace, the ecommerce giant has introduced a new feature that enables brand owners to run A/B tests on Supporting Images via the ‘Manage Your Experiments’ image gallery.

The significance of images in online shopping cannot be overstated, as they can make or break the success of a product. Good product images play a critical role on marketplaces, and it’s imperative that sellers strategically curate and present a large variety of images to buyers.

Supporting Images: A Versatile Tool for Brands

Supporting Images empower sellers to take their product showcasing a step further by offering a versatile approach to product presentation.

This allows them to utilize a variety of strategies, including the incorporation of lifestyle imagery, diverse product angles, detailed properties, specification lists, videos, and more.

With supporting images, sellers can present a thorough visual narrative that can boost customer engagement and conversion by offering a more comprehensive view of the products.

Leveraging A/B Testing to Decode Customer Preferences

Amazon now offers A/B testing for Supporting Images in the ‘Manage Your Experiments’ image gallery, providing sellers with a mechanism to determine which images most resonate with their customer base.

By conducting controlled experiments and analyzing the results, sellers gain valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors, thereby being able to optimize their image galleries for improved performance and higher conversion rates.

Getting Started With A/B Testing on Amazon

Sellers looking to explore and implement A/B testing for Supporting Images can begin their journey at the ‘Manage Your Experiments‘ dashboard (Seller Account Required).

In addition, to help sellers gain a more in-depth understanding of how images can be effectively utilized to resonate with customers, they can get a jump start with Amazon’s ‘Manage Your Experiments‘ overview guide.

In an era where visuals significantly influence purchasing decisions, Amazon’s new A/B feature provides a valuable resource for sellers to comprehend and adapt to customer preferences. This ensures their product presentations are not only visually appealing but also strategically aligned to resonate with their target audience.

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