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Amazon Launches Test of Small Business Badge

In the previous holiday season, independent third-party sellers on Amazon’s marketplace platform achieved remarkable success, with U.S. small businesses collectively selling close to half a billion products, the largest online retailer in the U.S. proclaimed days after Christmas.

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Furthermore, Amazon claimed that nearly 60% of sales during the busy shopping season were sold by third-party sellers, most of which are small businesses.

Amazon has consistently underscored its commitment to supporting small businesses, emphasizing the opportunities available to them on its retail platform.

However, the company has not been without its share of criticism for its alleged practice of utilizing sales data from third-party sellers to offer comparable or identical products, sold under its own brand.

Still, many entrepreneurs view Amazon as a gateway to enter online selling. But to easily identify small businesses on Amazon has often been challenging for buyers. Now Amazon plans to change that.

The company announced a new test that adds a filter to search results showing if an item is being sold from a small business brand.

Amazon Small Business Badge Details

“As part of our ongoing efforts to support small businesses, we’re testing a Small Business Search filter,” the company said.

“The Small Business Search filter helps customers filter their searches to discover products from small business brands and artisans while shopping in Amazon’s store.

“When a customer’s search results include eligible products from small business brands, the new filter will appear under the ‘Business Type’ category in their search filter options.

“As we test this feature, any small business brand that meets the Small Business badge criteria and has the badge featured on their products in search or detail pages is eligible to be included in Small Business Search filter results.

For sellers to be eligible for this program, they must be based in the United States, have 100 or fewer employees, and be registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry or participate in the Handmade program.

Inclusion in this program is free. Sellers can learn more about the Small Business badge rules here.

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