Amazon To Use Driveri AI Cameras To Monitor Delivery Drivers

Amazon has announced a new partnership with California based technology company Netradyne to install their Driveri AI cameras in their Amazon delivery vehicles.

The new system would mean that for the entirety of their journey whilst driving an Amazon delivery vehicle the driver would be being video monitored. This is of course not the first instance of Amazon reportedly ‘Spying’ on their employees. The Open Markets institute compiled this report looking into details around Amazon’s practice of surveillance on their workers.

There are of course a number of positives that come from a video monitoring system like Driveri, not just for Amazon, but also for the drivers and Amazon customers too.

The Driveri system comprises of 4 HD cameras, one that faces forward, two that face out to each side, and one driver facing camera. Utilising AI technology and machine learning the camera can detect obstacles, calculate speed and distance to other road users and also recognise road signs. The driver facing camera can also recognise if the driver gets distracted either by their phone or something else.

Going further than just being able to recognise these behaviours or dangers, the Driveri system can also send out audible warning or notices to the driver to alert them to what is happening. Amazon claims that these in-cab warnings can reduce collisions by up to 1/3

Amazon have released the following video which shows Driveri in action along with narration from Karolina Haraldsdottir who is a senior manager for last mile delivery at Amazon.

In the video Karolina mentions how no one is able to monitor a “live feed” of driver footage in real time, that video is only uploaded when Driveri is triggered intentionally by drivers or during specific “safety conditions,” and that only a “limited set of authorized people” will have access to the footage.

Karolina goes on to explain that drivers can only turn the cameras off when the ignition is off, and that the side cameras may remain on for up to 20 minutes to record things like “package theft, driver harassment, and collisions from moving vehicles.”

Whilst Amazon has received backlash for some of their surveillance practices in the past, time will tell how well received Driveri will be received amongst Amazon delivery drivers.

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