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Today Amazon rolls out their new top up service in the uk.

Back in April we covered how Amazon had launched Amazon Cash in the USA and now they are rolling this same service out to the UK under the name Amazon Top Up.

Amazon top up will allow shoppers to add anywhere between £5 and £250 in a single transaction to their Amazon account.

How does Amazon Top Up work?

The service is really simple to use in true Amazon style.  It will mean that anyone with an Amazon account could go to any of the thousands of PayPoint stations and deposit cash and have that added to their Amazon account instantly.

Amazon Top Up Logo

All you need to do is head to your amazon account either on your Amazon app or on the website.  Once signed in you can get your unique Amazon Top Up barcode and either print it or save it on your phone.

This unique barcode is linked to your account and then when you go to one of the PayPoints across the UK you scan your barcode and deposit the cash.

This is a way for Amazon to grow their market share amongst those that are ‘unbanked or underbanked’ by giving them a cash way of purchasing on Amazon.

The Amazon Top Up service is 100% free to use but you are restricted to spending on eligible products only. (Although Amazon says this is in the “millions”).

The service cannot be used to purchase Amazon Gift Cards.

Also it is worth noting that once the cash has been loaded into your Amazon account, it cannot be withdrawn again.

This is very much a one way street and therefore is not the same as a traditional bank.

What are your thoughts on Amazon Top Up?  Is it something you would use or does it have limited appeal as we move more towards a cash less society?  Let us know in the comments below.

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