Amazon launches ShipTrack service for sellers to ship products from China to the United States.

Amazon Simplifies Tracking Shipments from China to U.S. With Vetted ‘ShipTrack’ Carriers

Amazon sellers can now use a non-partnered carrier to ship FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) shipments from China to the U.S., selecting a vendor from Amazon’s pool of curated third-party providers known as ShipTrack carriers.

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ShipTrack carriers have undergone rigorous evaluations and are recognized as reliable shipping providers, offering consistent service and tracking information.

Furthermore, ShipTrack carriers enable Amazon to enhance tracking accuracy for shipment arrival times at its fulfillment centers, improving the reliability of delivery updates for customers.

The improved tracking of shipments also empowers merchants to make well-informed decisions about when to restock, leading to reduced costs associated with excess inventory and stock shortages.

When using a ShipTrack carrier, tracking details are automatically shared with Amazon and made accessible to sellers through the Shipment Summary page.

Amazon intends to introduce this feature to other markets by the end of 2023, for FBA shipments from China to Japan and the EU.

Sellers can find a list of ShipTrack carriers available for China-to-U.S. shipments by navigating to the shipment creation process in the ‘Send to Amazon‘ section. Then, from the ‘Select carrier’ dropdown menu, choose the ‘Or use your own carrier’ option.

Amazon has a FAQ about the service available here which went live on Monday, August 21, 2023

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