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Saturday the 9th of December is the first day the Amazon Treasure Truck has arrived in the UK and it’s first stop was in Manchester.  Which is mightily convenient as it was about a 5 minute walk from where I live.

We covered the news last week that the Treasure Truck was coming to the UK and today it has arrived.

Anyone in the Manchester area who signed up to the Treasure Truck notifications would have been greeted this morning by an alert telling them the treasure truck had arrived.

The treasure was a retro nintendo gaming console with inbuilt 21 games from the Nintendo Entertainment System era.

Amazon treasure truck Nintendo deal

The Treasure Truck will be on Portland Street until 5pm this evening.

Amazon Treasure Truck Merges Online with Offline

Curious to find out how this event would look in real life I set out on our first snowy day here in Manchester to see the Treasure Truck.

I was immediately greeted by two familiar faces…

Dave, Mario & Luigi

I was curious to see how they were going to manage to park the Treasure Truck on a main road in Manchester but it turns out they had taken over an event space undercover, which turned out to be a good move due to the famous Manchester weather.

The Treasure Truck itself is something that everyone should see in person.  Children and Adults alike were not only having pictures with Mario and Luigi but interacting with the Truck itself.

I recorded a quick video which you can see here.

The perfect Christmas present it seems appealing to both young gamers and old gamers alike, and perfect timing on the run up to Christmas.

The Amazon team hosting the event were fantastic and enthusiastic about the Treasure Truck and speaking to them had said that already in the first hour they had been incredibly busy (Despite the weather) and that engagement had been brilliant.

Amazon Treasure Truck

Keep up to date

To keep up to date with the Treasure Truck is really simple.  Head over to and make sure you have the Amazon shopping app downloaded on your device.

Follow the instructions and you will be kept up to date when the Treasure Truck rolls into a town near you.

If you are in Manchester today I urge you to go and pay the Treasure Truck a visit as you can see from the pictures below it is impressive, and you might even walk away with a free Super Mario hat.

Amazon Treasure Truck Manchester

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  1. The event was hosted in ‘The Ginnel’ at Bruntwood’s 127 Portland Street Building. Social Chain have parking spaces here but it is not Social their car park, it’s an events space.

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