Amazon fulfillment center

Amazon provided an update today on how it handles inbound that shipments that have not been received in full.

The company said that in order for them to receive inventory more efficiently and minimize delays, shipments created beginning today will be automatically updated to CLOSED status if they become more than 90 days old.

Amazon recommends that sellers ship the full quantity entered in the shipment to Amazon as soon as it is created.

If a shipment is in transit but the shipment status changes to CLOSED, the company will continue to receive the shipment, but the seller cannot ship additional units for a closed shipment.

The significance of this change appears to be very minimal for most sellers and mostly “housekeeping.” But some sellers with inbound ocean freight shipments that are divided up into multiple shipments to FBA warehouses could potentially be going beyond the 90-day deadline. Amazon did not elaborate how that may impact those sellers.

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