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Amazon’s Meteoric Success Due To Innovation

Amazon has seen meteoric growth over the years. Whilst it has grown big, and surpassed many competitors it has remained relevant while doing so.

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What has been going for it is innovation.  A company cannot stay still on its same products forever; it has to grow along with its customers, and Amazon has been doing that incredibly well.

Amazon Innovation

How Amazon Innovation happens by a process that is called working backwards. That simply means having an idea and making that idea very clear to others.

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It means having an idea that isn’t confusing or vague. An idea that can start and over time develop and grow as it is worked on.

However, at the same time while the idea is growing, the original idea is looked back on to make sure that it has not grown to the point that it would be far from how it was intended so ensuring it stays on topic.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has a simple principle for Amazon Innovation: it is to invent and simplify.

This gets everyone in Amazon to participate in an idea that is being developed. At its core, Amazon has a builder’s culture, and encourages its employees to share in that culture. The principle of working backwards is also useful for leadership development in the company.

Presenting ideas in Amazon would also mean presenting them in prose or a narrative so that it could easily be understood by anyone.

This is part of the invent and simplify principle that is working in Amazon. Amazon also encourages employees to submit any ideas they have and get them green-lighted, something that is rare in many companies now.

That is why Amazon continues to grow and stay fresh at the same time, since it is not afraid to try out new ideas.

Is this something you could adopt in your business?  Are there ways that you can continue to innovate in what you do whether it be in products or processes?  Let us know down below.

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