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AR Eyewear Might Be Next for Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has made smartphones enjoyable. With it, people can now play games that have it and even add virtual designs on photos. As the technology gets even wider use, the next step seems to be logical: AR Eyewear.

Two companies have already invested much on AR. One is Apple with its ARKit. Then there’s Google with ARCore. With these two development kits, developers can create even more games as well as devices that would have augmented reality capability.

While this might be an exciting prospect, development of devices geared towards AR is still underway. Augmented reality is still starting, and there is still much to be done along the way to improve things. That is why such devices such as AR headsets and AR eyewear might not be in sight just yet. They are likely to come, however.

Could this mean a new Google Glass?

Augmented Reality eCommerce

Developing technology can be costly, and no doubt early models of AR eyewear will be for early adopters. But, this technology may follow the same path as smartphones.

Today, inexpensive smartphones are available everywhere. As time goes on and adoption becomes widespread, costs will drop as the technology becomes more available.

Size as well might not be optimal at first. Again, the first mobile phones were large and clunky. As technology developed though, mobile phones became smaller and much slimmer. Today many smartphones fit easily into pockets. AR gear then would likely follow the same route, with the first models being large but in time would become smaller.

Technology has shaped much of our society today. There are PCs, smartphones and tablets. One cannot go out now and not see a smartphone somewhere.

People have become used to it. AR technology just might be the next big thing. Its use is not only limited to entertainment, but can be used even in Commerce and medicine, among others. The potential is there.

How would AR shape the future? Would you be an early adopter of AR eyewear? Leave your comments below.

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