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How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect eCommerce?


For Microsoft, there’s Cortana. Apple has Siri. Amazon has its own digital assistant in Alexa. Digital virtual assistants are becoming more and more common.

Devices such as smartphones and tablets are coming out with it. A digital assistant would just be the first step.

Computers are becoming smarter, and there are already steps in making computer chips and processors that act more like the human brain.

How could Artificial Intelligence impact eCommerce?

In eCommerce, robotics is being considered to speed up delivery and handling times. Artificial intelligence might one day replace humans in taking in orders.

These innovations would make commerce in general more automated, and possibly much faster. This is just one way that it will affect eCommerce.

Amazon Echo Voice-Enabled Devices

Faster transactions would mean more savings for companies, as overhead from storage would go down with goods coming out quicker.

Another way that artificial intelligence and robotics might affect eCommerce is that computers and robots are becoming smarter.

That means less manpower to take care of things. Speed again is the key here, as machines won’t get tired and can run the whole day. Humans will need to take breaks in order to get energy.

For robots and computers, breaks won’t be necessary except for maybe an occasional repair or upgrade.

As this shift becomes more apparent, companies need to adapt. That would mean learning all about this new form of technology coming in.

That would mean companies would have to create new tasks and work flow in order to accommodate artificial intelligence into their companies. Another thing that companies need to do is to innovate.

Innovation has been the key to success for many businesses. As new technology comes in, the need to adapt and innovate would become even more important.

In the end, companies still need to focus on their market though. Even with all the innovation, understanding about their market is crucial to success.

Having both technology and market understanding will lead to even bigger things for companies. This is being done by Amazon and others leading in eCommerce today.

The combination of technology and market understanding would lead to even more growth for many in the coming years.

What do you think the future has in store for eCommerce? Let us know in the comments below.

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