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Australia Post Helped Small Businesses Survive the Impact of Covid-19

A new report by Deloitte Access Economics finds Australia Post has been a vital service provider, driving business across metropolitan and regional Australia with an overwhelmingly positive impact on businesses.

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The survey found Australia Post helped businesses survive COVID-19, with 63 percent of surveyed companies saying the Post Office was essential to their survival, and 54 percent saying it saved jobs.

The Value of Post Offices in Australia report produced by Deloitte Access Economics, measured the economic and social impacts of Australia’s largest retail and distribution network, especially for small businesses, vulnerable Australians, and rural and regional areas.

Over 60 percent of businesses surveyed named the Post Office as their most important service provider in Australia, enabling delivery or increasing customer reach.

With important services such as Bank@Post, particularly relevant in rural and remote communities, almost three-quarters of Australians surveyed believe their use of the postal service continue, if not increase, in the future.

With services such as Bank@Post, especially relevant in rural and remote areas, almost three-quarters of Australians believe they will continue to use the Postal Service in the future. Some customers may even increase using services provided by Australia Post.

Australia Post CEO Humbled by Trust in Service

Australia Post Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Paul Graham said it was humbling to see Australia’s level of trust, satisfaction, and reliance on Post Offices, representing a loved national icon that he has a deep respect for, that have served as important community hubs for more than 200 years.

“We know how much our Post Offices are loved, and this research shows that our network of more than 4,300 Post Offices is as important as ever, with the average household or business visiting their local outlet 16 times a year, and each one playing a vital role in their community,” Graham added.

Australia Post has been under incredible pressure throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and its Post Offices have remained open to serve Australians.

Deloitte Access Economics Partner John O’Mahony said that while the community and social benefits of local Post Office access were not surprising, the economic and business importance of Australia Post was larger than expected.

“Australian businesses rely on Australia Post for eCommerce, communication, banking needs, and more. Almost two-thirds say the Post Office was vital for their business surviving COVID-19 and over half say it saved jobs. Much has been said about the importance of digital tools in helping Australians manage through the pandemic, but this research shows how Australia Post has been critical also,” O’Mahony concluded.

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