Australia Post packing parcels being packed at a small business

Australia Post Pauses Collections of Parcels Again in Select Areas Until 6 October

Australia Post has temporarily suspended most parcel pickups from eCommerce retailers for five days until Wednesday 6 October, 12:01am in the Greater Melbourne Metro.

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However, unlike the last such action by Australia Post, this service suspension impacts only businesses in the Greater Melbourne Metro area as Covid-19 cases hit new records locally.

“With parcel volumes at Christmas levels, our network continues to be under increased pressure, and is amplified in Victoria where we continue to manage a heavily reduced workforce due to the impact of the Delta strain.”

“The temporary pause will help manage the record volumes being experienced in the network and importantly return them to a level that is safe and manageable for our people.”

“The safety of our people is our highest priority, one which we will not compromise on.”

Australia Post Statement

Australia Post Express Post, Startrack Premium, Startrack Courier, Startrack Express and letters services will remain unchanged across its network.

Post Offices will remain open for all usual business including collecting carded parcels and acceptance of parcels. Items deposited at Street Posting Boxes will also continue to be collected for processing and collections in all other States remain the same.

The delivery of parcels to Australians, including on weekends, will continue, as Australia Post employees continue to deliver record quantities of parcels.

There are currently over 200 people in Melbourne in self-isolation, which puts additional pressure on its network, while Australia Post manages flight restrictions, temporary facility closures, and parcel volumes as high as its Christmas peak period.

Australia Post Disruptions in Melbourne Area Also Impact International Inbound Shipments

The considerable number of Australia Post workers in isolation is also putting a strain on managing and delivering inbound shipments from international locations.

Royal Mail updated its country specific incidents alert for Australia today stating, “operations for all inbound mail via Melbourne during this period will be affected, while the Offices of Exchange in Brisbane and Sydney continue to process mail items at this time, subject to previously announced COVID restrictions.”

The US Postal Service continues its suspension of accepting most parcel shipments to Australia.

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