Australian Courier Sendle Starts Shipping International from Sydney

A few weeks ago, Australian courier Sendle announced they have partnered with DHL to offer international shipping to over 220 countries and territories.

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Sendle, which already serves about 90% of all Australian addresses with daily pickup and delivery, will now become a significant force for Australian SMEs to ship internationally.

The courier, which launched about three years ago, already has found significant traction among customers who use eBay, Shipstation, Shopify, Neto, Xero, and other ecommerce platforms and services.

Sendle’s partnership with DHL enables the company to provide domestic pickup from SME’s and use the vast DHL network to deliver packages to customers around the globe.

Sendle Offers Lower-Priced Shipping Options

The courier’s rising success has been credited by offering lower than Australia Post pricing and superior service for ecommerce sellers. The company even won a trademark battle with Australia Post over its use of “Post without the Office” tagline.

Starting November 1, 2017, the first international shipments for Sendle shippers are being picked up in Sydney with a phased rollout of more pickup locals in 2018.

Chin Moody, Sendle’s founder, believes this is the first step toward tapping into an export market that may see Australian ecommerce businesses send about 20% of goods globally by 2022.

With the arrival of Amazon to Australia and the first images appearing of the new Dandenong (near Melbourne) fulfillment center running test operations, the ecommerce battle is ready to heat up in Australia.

Amazon’s focus will be on domestic market share, so SMEs may see an opportunity to access international markets with competitive shipping solutions by Sendle.

It is unknown right now if Sendle will integrate directly with Amazon’s third-party Marketplace for Australia, but Shipstation in the US offers such integration. Therefore, Australian Marketplace sellers should keep an eye out for Sendle integrations.

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