bigcommerce acquires bundleb2b

BigCommerce Acquires BundleB2B – Aiming To Become Most Powerful eCommerce Platform

BigCommerce, a leading Open SaaS eCommerce platform for fast-growing and established B2C and B2B brands, today announced the acquisition of BundleB2B, a longtime BigCommerce technology partner that provides next-level B2B functionality for BigCommerce merchants.

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The deal follows the company’s recent acquisition of B2B Ninja, a premier enterprise quoting solution, and furthers BigCommerce’s ability to deliver dynamic powerful eCommerce functionality to B2B merchants at a time when B2B eCommerce continues to boom.

The global B2B eCommerce market is estimated to reach $25.65 trillion by 2028, growing at more than 18% annually. Today’s acquisition of BundleB2B gives merchants the tools to offer B2B buyers an optimal eCommerce experience.

“Consumer brands may have pioneered eCommerce, but B2B companies are quickly catching up,”

“At BigCommerce, we provide a platform that is easier to use and faster than legacy B2B solutions and more flexible and powerful than other SaaS platforms. This acquisition further cements our commitment to being the best eCommerce option for B2B merchants.”

Brent Bellm, CEO, BigCommerce.

BigCommerce & BundleB2B

BundleB2B was built exclusively for B2B merchants of BigCommerce, coupling existing enterprise-focused capabilities with advanced, easily configurable B2B functionality that saves time, automates manual processes, and shortens sales cycles, including:

  • Account Management to allow for multiple tiers of buyers with specific permissions based on their roles
  • Order Tools including shared shopping lists and buy again functionality to improve the customer purchase experience
  • Quote Management to allow shoppers to request a quote directly from the merchant’s storefront
  • Sales Rep Masquerade to enable the merchant’s sales team to assist customers in the purchasing process

The two companies have been partnering closely to deliver BigCommerce B2B Edition, an advanced suite of B2B functionalities that has experienced significant growth since its launch in June 2021. B2B Edition expanded on existing features and streamlined onboarding, support, and contract services into one all-inclusive bundle with a single point of contact. B2B Edition empowers companies with complex operations to add new channels quickly, create B2C-level experiences and run operations for B2B and B2C audiences on a single platform.

“BundleB2B is the reason we switched from Shopify to BigCommerce,”

“We want to drive our B2B customers to ordering online as much as possible, and without BundleB2B, we would have to hire a development team to customize a complicated website. With BundleB2B, we can manage the website ourselves, which is important to us.”

P.J. Greco, president of health and beauty brand William Roam.

“The combination of BigCommerce and BundleB2B has been critical for helping us scale our B2B business with Major League Baseball teams,”

“Through our site, they can easily design their bats and automatically get pricing and shipping quotes. That simple process has been huge as we’ve grown to selling tens of thousands of products to teams all over the country in just a couple of years. It’s as easy as point, click and ship.”

Sam McGee, president of Green Egg Design, parent company of The Beer Bat brand.

This acquisition means BigCommerce will integrate BundleB2B even more closely within its platform and will continue to invest in B2B Edition. Merchants will also continue to receive all the benefits of B2B Edition, now with even closer alignment with BundleB2B for a more integrated solution.

BigCommerce will continue to offer B2B Edition through the exclusive integration of BundleB2B with BigCommerce Enterprise to help merchants better facilitate online operations and provide customers with seamless transactions and convenient self-service account capabilities.

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