BigCommerce New Oxatis Partnership

BigCommerce and CMA CGM Group Partner to Power eCommerce Solutions for Global Merchants


BigCommerce, a leading Open SaaS eCommerce platform for fast-growing and established brands, the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics, and subsidiary NewOxatis, a leading publisher of eCommerce solutions, today announced a strategic partnership to enable thousands of NewOxatis’  merchants to build world-class digital storefronts powered by BigCommerce. With the “NewOxatis powered by BigCommerce” product, the enterprise partnership provides NewOxatis merchants with access to best-in-breed technology, preeminent tech, agency partnerships, and cross-channel expansion so they can create powerful online consumer experiences.  

“Through this partnership with a global eCommerce leader like BigCommerce and through the complementary expertise that exists within our Group, we can develop eCommerce and digital marketing solutions for our clients and also manage the entire logistics chain,”

“This partnership is fully in line with the CMA CGM Group’s commitment to accelerate innovation and digitalization of its industry by providing an end-to-end digital offering to its customers.”

Michael Miramond, Chief Digital Officer, CMA CGM Group and CEO of NewOxatis.

The start of the Covid-19 pandemic heralded a noteworthy shift to online shopping and has resulted in a significant boom to eCommerce markets in the Eurozone — projections for eCommerce sales in Europe alone are expected to total US$541 billion in 2021. B2B and B2C businesses that seek to create or expand their digital storefronts will leverage NewOxatis’ 20 years of expertise and BigCommerce’s proven array of native eCommerce capabilities and rich partner ecosystem to digitalize with a scalable, high-functionality platform.

“Our joint venture with the CMA CGM Group and NewOxatis represents the next in a series of significant partnerships that demonstrate our continued expansion throughout EMEA, the success of our ‘Powered by BigCommerce’ product and our unique position in the industry to help these markets prosper,”

“BigCommerce’s commitment to the material growth of NewOxatis’ customer base is supported by our partnership’s rich fusion of best-in-breed technology, our Open SaaS platform and world-class shipping and logistics which will empower merchants to build, innovate and grow their businesses online.” 

Brent Bellm, Chief Executive Officer, BigCommerce.

The BigCommerce Partnership Opportunity

The partnership will equip merchants with a new online sales channel that is fully integrated with information systems, uses ERP and product information management (PIM) software, along with CRM and marketing tools. Additionally, it will offer a full eCommerce website design service and digital marketing solutions, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising with Google Ads to enhance clients’ online presence so they can reach new target audiences and grow their sales.

As a group dedicated to offering transport and logistics solutions to meet clients’ needs worldwide, CMA CGM is accelerating its digital transformation. By investing in R&D, and specifically in IoT, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, the Group is developing more innovative and more secure solutions to improve the experience of users, be they customers or staff members.

“Maintaining and upgrading eCommerce tech stacks is critical in a world where retailers are rapidly adopting a digital-forward posture, and the significant rise in these costs presents a major challenge for SaaS providers,”

“With our ‘Powered by’ product, SaaS providers can offer their merchants industry-leading capabilities and an innovative platform powered and updated by BigCommerce, which is key in a market that is becoming concentrated to a small number of well-capitalized competitors.”

Russell Klein, Chief Commercial Officer, BigCommerce.

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