BigCommerce Payments

BigCommerce Expands Global Payment Methods


BigCommerce announced on Wednesday that new local payment methods are now available in its Stripe integration, making it easier for merchants to reach more customers globally with payment methods they know and trust.

The newly added payment methods are:

  • ACH Direct Debit — enables direct debit bank transfers for United States shoppers in USD.
  • BACS Direct Debit — allows for bank-to-bank payments from any United Kingdom bank account in GBP.
  • BECS Direct Debit — accepts payments from any bank account in the Australian Payments Network in AUD.
  • Klarna — provides United States shoppers with the flexibility to make delayed payments or pay in installments in USD.
  • PayNow — allows Singapore shoppers to pay instantly using their preferred mobile banking app in SGD.
  • WeChat Pay — enables global shoppers to pay for purchases using the WeChat app in CNY, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, SGD, USD, DKK, NOK, SEK, and CHF.

Of note: These payment methods are currently available upon request only. BigCommerce merchants must fill out this form for approval to enable them in their Stripe account.

What it means: Bank transfer payments like ACH, BACS, and BECS are known for offering low processing fees and supporting high-value transactions, ideal for B2B checkout and big-ticket items.

With Klarna, shoppers can take advantage of Buy Now Pay Later financing, allowing them to make large purchases and pay for them over time while Klarna pays the merchant immediately.

Using mobile payments like PayNow and WeChat Pay, shoppers utilize popular financing and social media apps to quickly and conveniently complete online transactions.

BigCommerce Payments

How it works: To offer these payment methods, BigCommerce merchants will need to connect to Stripe if they haven’t already.

If Stripe is already set up in their store, merchants must ensure they have upgraded to the latest version before continuing.

Once merchants have connected to Stripe, they can enable the payment methods via the Stripe Dashboard they wish to offer during checkout.

Each payment method has its own country and currency requirements that restrict it to a specific region.

Go deeper: To learn more about the prerequisites and setup instructions for each payment method, see the BigCommerce Guide to Alternative Payment Methods.

What else is important: This is the latest payments expansion by BigCommerce. Earlier this year, the company added BitPay and CoinPayments allowing merchants to accept digital currencies in their BigCommerce store.

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