BigCommerce integrates with Microsoft advertising

BigCommerce Releases Microsoft Ads and Listings, Opening New Channels for Merchants


BigCommerce has today announced a new integration with Microsoft Advertising, allowing merchants to integrate their stores into the Microsoft Advertising Network and hopefully drive more sales for their products.

The BigCommerce Microsoft Advertising Integration

What you need to know: BigCommerce merchants of all sizes in the US, UK, and ANZ can now directly integrate their stores to reach millions of potential new customers searching across the Microsoft Advertising Network who have greater purchasing power, engage more with ads, and are more likely to make a purchase online.

With Microsoft Ads and Listings, merchants can synchronize product catalogs directly to the new Microsoft Merchant Center. They can then create shopping campaigns to promote product catalogs and track campaign performance, all without leaving the BigCommerce Control Panel. Furthermore, the Microsoft Ads and Listings app combined with the broader capabilities of Microsoft Advertising delivers solutions to better help navigate search, native, display, and video ad campaigns to help merchants better achieve their marketing goals by:

  • Broadening audience reach through new channels. The Microsoft Advertising Network sees billions of searches each month, giving merchants the opportunity to showcase products to millions of potential customers on Microsoft Bing, MSN, Microsoft Edge, and via syndicated partners such as Yahoo! and AOL, to name a few.
  • Driving more traffic with enhanced shopping experiences. Through the new Microsoft Shopping Tab, merchants can filter product feeds with specific attributes that deliver richer ad content and narrow search results that can increase click-through and conversion rates by simply making it easier for shoppers to find what they are looking for.
  • Monitoring and optimizing ad performance in real-time. Without leaving the BigCommerce Control Panel, merchants can see campaign performance with a snapshot view or run detailed reporting on a wide or granular scope, with specific key elements or side-by-side comparisons across various ad campaigns. Changes can be made in real-time to status, budgets, and bids while having access to a personalized tips dashboard and customer support to get better results.

Who will benefit?: Microsoft Ads and Listings on BigCommerce is currently available in the US, UK, and ANZ, and will expand into new markets through 2023. Click here to download Microsoft Ads and Listings to start showcasing product ad campaigns today.

What they’re saying: “BigCommerce strives to give our merchants the power to advertise and sell their products, wherever their customers are searching and shopping. As a result, seamless partner app integrations like Microsoft Ads and Listings uplevel the value and opportunities that we can deliver to our merchants all over the world,” said Sharon Gee, vice president of revenue growth and general manager of omnichannel at BigCommerce.

“Furthermore, strategic relationships with global businesses like Microsoft Advertising also underscores the value that we can deliver to our agency and technology partners as part of the Omnichannel Certified Partner (OCP) Program.”

“The Microsoft Advertising Network connects BigCommerce merchants with people who have greater purchasing power, engage more with ads, and are more likely to make a purchase online,” said Jason McKay, senior director, global partner sales, Microsoft Advertising. 

“With Microsoft Ads and Listings, BigCommerce merchants can connect with customers in new ways, achieving a strong return on spend to drive long-term growth.”

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