BigCommerce Omnichannel Certified Partner Program

BigCommerce New Omnichannel Certified Partner Program Helps Merchants Boost Sales

BigCommerce has launched its Omnichannel Certified Partner (OCP) Program, an enterprise-focused initiative designed to give partners new ways to generate revenue by helping merchants on leading ecommerce platforms achieve omnichannel success.

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What you need to know: Armed with numerous tools, services and exclusive channel partner programs, partners can educate and guide merchants on how to strategically expand into new channels that can drive more traffic with higher shopper intent, improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and generate more Gross Merchandise Value (GMV). 

Over 100 partners have joined the program and are among the first to capitalize on the immense potential for their merchants.

The OCP encompasses two bespoke programs – the Omnichannel Certified Agency (OCA) Program and the Omnichannel Certified Technology (OCT) Partner Program.

Each brings opportunities for partners to empower merchants to further innovate through specialized services such as feed management from Feedonomics and unprecedented access to partner initiatives.

Feedonomics is a BigCommerce company the online ecommerce platform acquired in 2021.

By providing unparalleled access to new channel partner programs, the OCP positions partners to offer merchants customized activities that build direct, trusting relationships with leading ads, marketplace and social platforms that fuel growth.

Key benefits of the BigCommerce OCP Program

Access to exclusive channel partner alpha and beta programs such as accelerated application approvals, free ads credits and full-service, white-glove onboarding with platform partners including Amazon’s Buy with Prime, Google, Meta, Microsoft Advertising, Snap, Inc., TikTok and Walmart Marketplace.

Generation of more sales by optimizing product listings that follow best practices and enabling them to reach more customers, improve channel performance and ultimately save time that can be applied to other critical business functions.

Invitations to growth consultations and global workshops to learn how to execute category-leading omnichannel strategies, while gaining direct support and deep training from channel partner teams, competitive pricing and promotions.

Streamlining business operations by leveraging Feedonomics to collect and normalize product data, onboard merchants more efficiently and publish consistent, high-quality data to create better user experiences.

What they’re saying: “BigCommerce is always investing in our partner-first ecosystem. Our latest initiative with the Omnichannel Certification Program represents an outsized opportunity for partners to scale their businesses in one of the toughest markets we’ve seen. Put simply, if they’re not participating in this program – they’re missing out,” said Sharon Gee, vice president of revenue growth and general manager of omnichannel partnerships at BigCommerce.

“This new program is unlike anything we’ve ever done. It unlocks channel benefits and greater conversion for merchants, growth offerings for agencies and adoption for our technology and channel partners, making it a win-win-win for our entire community.”

“Microsoft Advertising connects merchants with more than a billion people at the intersection of work and life, giving them access to consumers with strong purchasing power who are more likely to make an online purchase,” said Jason McKay, senior director, global partner sales, Microsoft Advertising.

“BigCommerce’s new omnichannel program means agencies and their merchants will have easier access to high-value, motivated buyers at the time when they are already searching for products.”

“Businesses of all sizes can now leverage Snapchat to build and interact with their communities to grow customer loyalty and ultimately drive revenue,” said Sid Malholtra, senior director, SMB at Snap, Inc.

“We’re excited that BigCommerce has included us in this new program and look forward to partnering to help merchants be more successful.”

Who will benefit: Following the recent partnership with Microsoft Advertising, the new omnichannel program will unlock business opportunities for BigCommerce partners and their merchants, by providing easier access to high-value, motivated buyers at a time when they are already searching for products.

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