BigCommerce Now Offers Akamai’s Image Optimization Tool to Merchants

BigCommerce announced this week that it is providing Akamai Image Manager to more than 55,000 merchant stores around the world using its platform. Sellers will now be able to utilize Akamai’s image compression tool at no additional cost and reduce the loading time of their site.

“Retailers are constantly in search of ways to improve the performance of their storefront, which has become increasingly difficult as eCommerce websites incorporate more functionality and imagery to engage shoppers.”

Brian Dhatt, Chief Technology Officer at BigCommerce

Brian Dhatt also added that Google’s decision to incorporate mobile page load speed as a factor in search rankings confirmed their decision bring Akamai Image Manager to their platform. This should maximize conversion and deliver a unique experience to their consumers.

Based on Akamai’s data, a two-second delay on web page load time increases the bounce rate by 103 percent, and at least 53 percent of mobile consumers will likely leave a page that takes more than three seconds to load.

Google announced this month that it would start factoring page speed into mobile search rankings beginning July 2018.

While Google started favoring faster load speeds on desktop search since 2010, the new mobile speed ranking by the search giant may impact eCommerce sites specifically as mobile traffic takes a larger chunk of eCommerce.

Google claims that a slow webpage may still rank in the top search results if it has relevant content, but that is a huge risk to take in eCommerce with so much competition for same or similar products.

Additional Benefits

BigCommerce merchants will now have access to Akamai’s systems such as automatic image conversion, quicker page load speeds, and intelligent image delivery across devices.

VisionCourse Media, an online Marketing and Design Agency, believes that the decision to utilize the Akamai Image Manager network was able to boost their merchants’ revenue, enabling them to boost site load and strengthen overall mobile site performance.

The marketing firm added that merchants can now create optimized images in just one device. Thus, increasing the site’s performance and conversion.

Akamai Image Manager is currently included in the comprehensive BigCommerce package for merchants who are using the company’s new storefront design framework, Stencil.

What do you think about this news from BigCommerce to help its merchants improve mobile speed loads? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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