BigCommerce Multi-Storefront

BigCommerce Releases Multi-Storefront Enabling Merchants to Easily Manage Multiple Brands Within a Single Store

BigCommerce releases Multi-Storefront, a new feature that enables enterprise merchants to create and manage multiple storefronts within a single BigCommerce store. This will help drive growth while reducing operational costs and complexity.

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Whether growing sales in new regions with localized storefronts, streamlining operations for managing multiple brands or customizing for different customer segments like B2C and B2B, merchants can now seamlessly manage every aspect of their business from one dashboard, delivering exceptional customer experiences that build brand loyalty.

“Multi-Storefront marks a significant milestone in our platform’s ability to serve the most complex use cases and is expected to be the most transformative of our enterprise product enhancements. This powerful new capability gives merchants the flexibility to grow their brand, segment and geographic scope within the scalable context of a single account.”

Brent Bellm, CEO at BigCommerce

All storefronts can be powered by BigCommerce’s native stencil theme framework or by a third-party headless front-end such as Next.js, Bloomreach and WordPress. Brands may even mix and match headless and native stencil storefronts in a single account. 

UK manufacturer Bullitt Group, pioneers of ‘rugged mobile’ and the manufacturer and seller of CAT phones & Motorola Defy phones, turned to Multi-Storefront to connect multiple unique storefronts to a single store in order to power localized experiences for its shoppers*. 

“We needed a system where we didn’t have to flip back and forth between multiple different instances to change things. BigCommerce was that system.”

Ryan Stapleton, eCommerce Director at Bullitt Group

* See Bullitt Group’s case study to learn more about how they scaled their business by leveraging the new BigCommerce Multi-Storefront feature. 

Accessible from the BigCommerce control panel, Multi-Storefront enables merchants to deliver tailored shopping experiences to their different buyers by setting up unique storefronts with separate domains, customized design, transactional and promotional emails, and custom pricing with preferred payment methods.

Merchants can also simplify management through holistic views to manage customers, products, order fulfillment, and storefront analytics and data insights.

BigCommerce Multi-Storefront Benefits

Key benefits of Multi-Storefront empower merchants to:

  • Effortlessly grow into new markets by creating custom storefront experiences for various buyers.
  • Reduce costs and streamline operations by trimming down the number of systems and integrations a business relies on which can decrease maintenance costs and drive higher revenue with fewer headaches.
  • Empower efficiency to grow by ditching duplication of efforts with a centralized system to manage all storefronts. Whether it’s adding a new product or updating pricing, do it one time, in one place.
  • Make smarter, data-driven decisions with powerful insights from a unified data source to analyze business activity holistically, or dial in to review the performance of a specific storefront. 

BigCommerce has been working closely with the expansive partner ecosystem to ensure their support of Multi-Storefront.

Many partners have already updated their apps to support Multi-Storefront as well as take advantage of the new functionality offering optimized solutions. Multi-Storefront is available to all new BigCommerce merchants now.

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