In a blog post by Tracey Wallace, editor-in-chief at BigCommerce, she provided some fascinating data on shoppable Instagram posts.

More than 50 brands took part in the pre-release beta with shoppable Instagram posts and BigCommerce. After some time using the shoppable Instagram posts, BigCommerce reached out to them and asked three main questions:

  1. If it was easy to use for the brands themselves.
  2. If their fans and customers like it.
  3. And, most importantly, if it increased engagement and revenue.

Specifically on the third question, the follow up with the brands showed some exciting results:

  • Natori: Increased Instagram traffic by 1,416%.
  • Magnolia Boutique: 20% increase in Instagram revenue.
  • SpearmintLOVE: Instagram traffic grew by 13%.
  • Native Union: Instagram traffic was a 2,666% increase.

There is more detail to the data in the BigCommerce blog post here. All of it confirming that Instagram is a potential marketing goldmine.

Instagram’s Power

With Twitter significantly changing its policies that will impact eCommerce marketers, and Facebook under fire for privacy concerns, it appears Instagram may evolve into the marketing platform of choice for eCommerce.

Trying to cut through the noise on Twitter and Facebook has already been a challenge before the 2016 Presidential election. But since then, it has become even more difficult.

While the new rules at Twitter, and probably inevitable rule changes at Facebook, may alleviate those issues a bit, Instagram could turn out to be the big winner from the Fake News and Privacy mess that has infested Facebook and Twitter.

If Instagram can bring highly sophisticated image search to the platform, this could be the key to expanding it as THE search tool to find just the right item among the tens of thousands of small business eCommerce sites.

eBay is already leaning on image search as the new way to find products and Amazon has also introduced improvements to its image search, so there is clear evidence eCommerce is heading in that direction.

Simply put, Instagram could become the Image Search tool that drives traffic to webstores.

Are you a BigCommerce merchant that already uses Instagram Shoppable posts integration? We like to hear from you about your experiences. Head over to our Facebook Discussion Group or use the comments section below.

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