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Well the time is upon us!  It is Black Friday deals week and retailers all over the world have begun their deals early in order to capitalise on the consumer demand.

For that reason every day throughout this week I will be recording a video highlighting to you some of the best deal websites that you can find on that particular day.

Check out today’s episode here:

Black Monday

Being based in the UK means that at the time of recording (9am GMT) that some of the USA deals may not have been live yet, but I am confident this will be different tomorrow.

Each day I will separate the deals by region from both the UK and USA.  The links I share with you in today’s episode can be found below.

Today’s featured links:

Amazon UK:


eBay UK:


Amazon USA:

eBay USA:


Calling all sellers

I expect tomorrow to be a lot busier with more USA deals being put live.  With that said I want to hear from you if you are running special Black Friday deals this week.

Leave me a message down below with a link to your deals and if possible I will feature them in this weeks daily deals reviews videos, but only if they are genuine deals.

I will also be featuring a useful tool that you can use tomorrow throughout this week which will help you determine if the deals you find around the web, are genuine deals or not.

With that said I look forward to sharing with you the best of Black Friday deals this week for both the UK and USA.

RESOURCE LINK: 28 Genius Tricks -​ How to Save Money on Amazon and Get Free Stuff

If you are not a seller but come across some deals that you think I should mention then please let me know in the comments below or head over to our Facebook Discussion Group.

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