Bonanza Taps Pinterest as Driver for Sales

In a blog post by Gwen Schlefer, Marketing Specialist and PR Manager for marketplace Bonanza, she reveals that Pinterest ads yielded the highest results for Bonanza and its sellers.

Of course, Facebook was the other social media platform she mentioned as their massive size brings results for just about everyone. And Facebook offers a lot of tools for highly personalized marketing.

For example, Schlefer stated that for January, the marketplace would promote football jerseys, apparel, and other assorted paraphernalia on Facebook to football fans, especially to fans whose teams are in the playoffs.

Pinterest a Dark Horse social media Sales Driver?

However, Pinterest yielding the highest results for Bonanza is very intriguing. Are online retailers overlooking this social media platform?

According to statistics from digital marketing agency Omnicore, Pinterest has 175 million active users of which 75 million are from the U.S.

A total of two million Pinterest users save Shopping Pins on boards every day. And 81 percent of Pinterest users are female and Omnicore claims that millennials use Pinterest as much as Instagram.

With the typical Pinterest user being below the age of 40, vast majority female, and half of Pinterest users earning $50K or more per year, the demographics are perfect for fashion and accessories sellers.

Now we may stop wondering why Target chose Pinterest to power Image Search for its catalog. Obviously, they saw a collaboration potential in the social media platform that others may have overlooked.

In an odd twist, women’s fashion innovator NA-KD, who gained 1.4 million followers on Instagram in just under two years, only has 2,858 followers on Pinterest. This is a company whose marketing DNA is all about social media, and their number of followers on Pinterest is miserable low!

However, other fashion retailers do have large followings. Let’s look at a few examples: Forever21 has 480K, J.Crew has 280K, and ASOS has 598K followers.

Notwithstanding the oddity by NA-KD, it seems retailers that sell fashion and accessories should see results in using Pinterest.

For those sellers that may not be marketing on Pinterest, using the Bonanza marketplace to access their promotional skills to drive sales from Pinterest could be an excellent option.

And by being on Bonanza, it opens up all the other marketing channels they use, including their own promotions and buyers.

Do you use Pinterest or Bonanza? Drop us a line how you are doing on those platforms in the comments section below.

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