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The incoming Boxing Up Day on 29 December is the best day for Brits to list down any items that they received on Christmas that aren’t fit for them, making it a perfect time for self-improvement purchases for next year.

According to the data on eBay, households across the UK are expected to receive at least 850 million pounds worth of gifts that they don’t really want or will never use.

At least one in every five Brits say that they would re-sell those unwanted Christmas presents and use the money to fund their next year’s goals, with an average person spend at least 511 pounds in January 2018 on items including DIY, hairstyles, fitness equipment and new clothes.

According to Guru Focus, weight-loss (30 percent), stress relief (12 percent) and making new friends (10 percent) are just some of the biggest motivators for their self-improvement decisions.

“eBay’s a great option for consumers who are looking to sell gifts that weren’t quite right… As one of the largest marketplaces with 168 million buyers, there’s always someone who wants to purchase what you’re selling,” Laura Chambers – eBay’s Vice President of Consumer Selling

Best items to resell on eBay

Between 9 P.M. and 10 P.M. on 29th December is the ideal time to list your unwanted gifts on eBay, as a third of Brits admit that they’ve already been tired of the Christmas rush by then, and 81 percent of them are fully focused on the next year’s goals.

The analysts at eBay went through the data that they gathered from 2016 to create the list of the best items to resell on eBay based on the best sellers from last year:

  • DVDs and Blu-rays (30,404)
  • Home Decor e.g lamps, vases and soft furnishings (18,062)
  • DIY materials e.g. power tools (15,831)
  • Mobile smartphones (15,312)
  • Furniture e.g. sofas, coffee tables and chairs (11,250)
  • Women’s Handbags (9,594)
  • Appliances e.g. blenders, sandwich makers and electric steamers (9,496)
  • Women’s Shoes (9,417)
  • Men’s shoes (6,760)
  • Women’s fragrances (3,144)

Will you be getting involved in boxing up day this year? Let us know down below.

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