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BQool Announces Collaboration With InventoryLab

The exciting new collaboration between BQool and InventoryLab has been implemented specifically to bring groundbreaking software to its users.

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This feature integration allows users to effectively manage their inventory while simultaneously enabling them to sell competitively on Amazon with the BQool Repricing Central. This solution has been expertly designed to eliminate tedious, time-consuming manual data entry tasks.

Over the past few months, BQool and InventoryLab have been working incredibly hard together to form this perfect partnership.

BQool Fully Integrated with InventoryLab

InventoryLab and BQool have always had a mutual desire to bring Amazon sellers the best tools to automate their Amazon business. Based on this, both BQool and InventoryLab decided to take their strong relationship to the next level.

The new integration feature enables the user to populate their InventoryLab purchase price into BQool.

The new feature has been designed to ease the administrative workload of the user. To eliminate duplicate actions in BQool that the user has already performed in InventoryLab. The integration feature synchronizes the ‘Cost per Unit’ from InventoryLab into BQool as the ‘Cost’.

Users will no longer need to manually populate the figures or upload the InventoryLab Closed-Batch report.

Furthermore, users will not need to decide which file type is correct anymore, they can now just sit back and watch all the cost numbers update in BQool. Users can then continue to set up the min and max price as usual.

All BQool users will be able to take full advantage of this new feature from 29th June 2018 to help them optimize their sales on Amazon.

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