BQool announced this week that Repricing Central is now available on the Amazon Marketplace Appstore.

Repricing Central is an Automated Amazon Repricer which may help third-party marketplace sellers win the coveted Amazon Buy Box while ensuring their price accuracy and profit margins.

Marketplace sellers can optimize their repricing speed to every 5-15 minutes.

Repricing Central also includes a Profit Calculator to get close estimations of profit margins and product ROI. Best of all, this feature also takes Amazon’s fees and costs into consideration.

Repricing Central offers sellers a high level of customization such as users can decide which competitors they want to match their price against.

Furthermore, the software provides users with the ability to develop unique repricing strategies based on their competitor’s fulfillment method, feedback ratings, item status, item condition and much more.

For Amazon third-party marketplace seller that are interested to try BQool’s Repricer to enhance their selling experience, the new app can be found in the Automated Pricing category on the Marketplace Appstore within the seller account.

The Amazon Marketplace Appstore is a one-stop-shop where the small and medium-sized businesses that sell on Amazon can more easily discover quality applications to help them automate, manage and expand their business.

Accessible from Seller Central, the Marketplace Appstore features applications created by Amazon and external developers and covers a range of functionalities across the selling lifecycle.

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