Canada Post Environmental Action Plan

Canada Post Releases Environmental Action Plan with Goal of Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050

Canada Post and all its bargaining agents (see below) are working together to deliver a sustainable future for the country. The five organizations launched their Environmental Action Plan, which outlines ambitious goals for the next decade and beyond.

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“Canadians care about the environment, and so do we. With a presence in every community, and an extensive network built to provide a vital service across the country, Canada Post has a duty to make changes that make a difference. We can play an important role in protecting the environment today and preserving it for future generations.”

Canada Post President and CEO Doug Ettinger
Canada Post Environmental Action Plan

The Environmental Action Plan identifies several key environmental goals and how Canada Post will achieve them. It covers four areas:

  1. Climate Action: Canada Post will be Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  2. Zero Waste: Canada Post will reach Zero Waste in its operations by 2030. By 2022, Canada Post will eliminate all unnecessary single-use plastics in events and meetings. It is also working hard to reduce single-use plastics in its operations.
  3. Sustainable Delivery: Canada Post will partner with suppliers and customers to pilot green delivery and packaging solutions.
  4. Employee Engagement: Canada Post will offer all employees the opportunity and resources to help the company become a greener organization.

“The Environmental Action Plan is a joint call-to-action for Canada Post and its employees. It is when we all work together that we have the best ideas for how to implement and improve sustainable practices. It is exciting to focus on these important goals.”

Claudia Labonté, UPCE National President

The five organizations that initiated and are committed to the Canada Post Environmental Action Plan are:

  • Canada Post
  • The Association of Postal Officials of Canada
  • The Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association
  • The Canadian Union of Postal Workers
  • The Public Service Alliance of Canada – Union of Postal Communications Employees.

In this video, Doug Ettinger and Claudia Labonté share specifics of the action plan.

Additional information about the Canada Post Environmental Action plan is available on Canada Post’s website here. The plan also received the endorsement of CAN -Rac and Working Green 2050.

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