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Canada Post Extends Discounts to eBay Sellers for 15 Days


In June, Canada Post informed eBay that they would discontinue offering Light Packet USA and Light Packet International services to the eBay label printing platform.

As eBay was already migrating to Shippo for its Canadian eBay Shipping services, the marketplace agreed to implement this change.

With the Shippo integration, eBay anticipated that many Canadian sellers would save up to 25 percent off the retail rates charged by Canada Post. These new rates are similar to the existing Canada Post discounts eBay was passing on to sellers

The popularity of these postal services by Canadian sellers made a smooth transition important to eBay, but despite an early warning, there are still many sellers that are caught out by this change.

Canada Post was also updating its new rates for 2018, so the two companies decided to extend the discounted label printing on the eBay platform to January 15, 2018. That date also coincides with the new rates becoming effective at Canada Post.

However, there seems to be some ambiguity in eBay’s statement about new rates not being ready. And Canada Post’s own site does not state any rate increases on these international shipping options.

eBay stated they would provide further information once Canada Post finalizes the new rates. It seems all a bit confusing, especially in light of eBay’s statement “To help ease the transition…”

Canadian sellers should stay tuned for whatever surprises may come up with this, but at least the current discounted rates are not changing until January 15.

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