Deliveries in Canada Maybe Delayed Due to Staff Availability Warns Canada Post

Canada Post warns of staffing shortages due to rising numbers of Covid-19 Omnicron cases which could result in delayed mail and parcel deliveries.

“With the rapidly changing situation regarding COVID-19 and the Omicron variant across Canada, we’re experiencing an impact on staffing. We’re responding by implementing contingency plans where necessary and adjusting our operations to serve Canadians. This situation is fluid across the country and customers may experience delays over the next few weeks. In addition, we may see temporary measures, such as the reduction of hours or short-term closures, at some of our post offices.”

Canada Post Statement

International Mail Impact

These network delays will likely also impact deliveries coming from the US or other locations and shippers outside of Canada should brace for longer delivery times to Canadian customers.

Canada Post did not address if there are additional delays in the customs clearance process. But considering the global problem is rising with shortages of available staff due to the Omicron Covid–19 variant, the Canada Border Services Agency may also not be operating at full capacity either right now.

Please check with our international USPS service disruptions page for the latest updates on all international shipments, including those going to Canada.

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