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Heart-warming content materials that tackle controversial topics get customers to sit up and pay attention. Studies show that cause-related ad campaigns have more views and even higher engagement rates.

One prime example of a company that took on a controversial topic such as mommy shaming is Yoplait.

The yogurt brand recently used “Mom On” brand to talk about mommy shaming while introducing their topic at the same time.

According to Google, the company’s ad campaign delivered best-in-class results on all five Brand Lift metrics, including 1,461 percent increase in Brand Interest.

“The main objective of our ‘Mom On’ campaign was to drive brand reconsideration. Yoplait has been around for a long time and people think they know us. But sometimes the familiar gets overlooked for new stuff. Framing the campaign around a hot cultural topic was a great way of marketing to moms who may have forgotten about us.” Yoplait Spokesperson

Create a controversial yet compelling campaign

According to Mindshare Managing Director of Communications Planning Michael Soroosh, they were aiming to create an ad campaign that was appealing to all moms. They know that the most effective ad campaigns are those that are compelling.

yoplait ad campaigns

That’s why they also tapped technology to make it more personal. The people behind the ad campaign used Youtube’s Director Mix to create at least 32 different six second ads.

Marketers should create a campaign that has a connection between your brand and a cause. Ad campaigns that are anchored on causes can create a more compelling content.

According to Ad Week, the #ShareKleenixCare portrays random acts of kindness while using “Somebody Needs One” as its tagline. The brand was able to strike a balance between the importance of extending support and offering a Kleenex tissue.

Do you also feel that compelling ad campaigns are more effective with catching people’s attention? Share your thoughts down below.

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