ChannelAdvisor supports Amazon Netherlands

ChannelAdvisor Corporation now supports, coinciding with this month’s launch of Amazon in the Netherlands.

The company’s support for allows merchants with a European unified account the ability to list and sell their products directly to consumers on Amazon’s new Dutch marketplace.

With 85% of the Netherlands’ population shopping online in an ecommerce market worth an estimated €23.7 billion, it could be a fertile market for brands and retailers to unlock their selling potential and reach new customers.

ChannelAdvisor suggests could provide an excellent means of reaching this market.

ChannelAdvisor’s platform can help provide full support for brands and retailers on, allowing them to transition seamlessly to the new Amazon marketplace with minimal manual lift.

It can help enable streamlined inventory management and order fulfillment across multiple marketplaces, content optimization to adapt existing product details to the requirements of every marketplace, and the ability to develop effective pricing strategies.

“The Netherlands is a highly attractive market for our customers, so being able to provide access to this location through such a popular e-commerce platform is a fantastic opportunity. From our experience, brands with an international strategy to engage consumers on their preferred marketplace are much better equipped to disrupt and thrive. Selling on Amazon to such an internet-savvy country should be a major consideration for not just all of our customers but all brands looking to scale their e-commerce business.”


Jon Maury, EMEA Managing Director at ChannelAdvisor

How ChannelAdvisor Can Help Seller on The Amazon Netherlands Marketplace

Specifically, by leveraging ChannelAdvisor’s platform, brands and retailers on can position their businesses to:

  • Optimize marketplace listings on and globally
  • Leverage advanced pricing automation with ChannelAdvisor’s repricer
  • Utilize Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) and dashboards to inform Prime strategy
  • Access intelligence on Buy Box performance and pricing trends via an Amazon Pricing Console to inform strategy.

Will you take advantage of the opportunity in the Netherlands may provide as ChannelAdvisors suggests?

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