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Did You Check eBay? – New TV Ads

Did you check eBay? The next phase by eBay to re-brand its marketplace.

As we have noted before, eBay continues to aggressively promote the marketplace on television. The “Fill Your Cart with Color” ad campaign is receiving new ad content this week that includes another swipe at Amazon.


While eBay is not making it a slogan, the addition of the phrase is a clever way to remind shoppers about eBay. In the video above, eBay takes a swipe at Amazon’s Prime Day.

However, in the second video eBay released, it is used in a more playful manner to complement the “Fill Your Cart With Color” campaign.


TV is the most visible branding by eBay. However, the marketplace also announced more advertising and promotions in movie theaters, on social media and radio.

eBay still suffers from a perception problem that many items on eBay are used. eBay hopes to refresh the brand with its ad campaign to change people’s perceptions.

Today on eBay, over 80% of all items are new. This is the message eBay wants people to hear without actually citing the stat.

What do you think about eBay’s marketing approach? Do you think this will benefit you?

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