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Gateway to E-Commerce podcast brings together leaders in the industry where insights and real life examples will entertain and educate listeners

MIAMI, FL (February 2, 2021) — ClearSale (, the global leader in eCommerce fraud protection, announced today the release of its new podcast, Gateway to E-Commerce. The podcast brings together the extensive experience within the ClearSale organization along with other online retail thought leaders to offer everyone from solopreneurs to enterprise executives meaningful insights and information on the world of eCommerce.

COVID-19 created confusion and stress for the average retailer, which makes now an important time to launch a podcast intended to educate and inform online merchants of every size. Many brick-and-mortar brands have had to quickly pivot to invest in an eCommerce structure, or if they already had an online store, have had to deal with an influx of orders they may not have been prepared for.

This growth, which reached more than 30% in 2020, means that retailers must keep up with current trends and strategies for enhanced customer experiences and operational efficiencies. Gateway to E-Commerce provides both SMBs and enterprises with access to reliable advice from knowledgeable sources. It features a strong roster of diverse and engaging hosts with a variety of expertise, including ClearSale’s Sarah Elizabeth, Senior Director of Marketing, Rafael Lourenco, Executive Vice President, Denise Purtzer, Vice President of Partnerships, and David Fletcher, Senior Vice President.

With almost two decades of experience serving online businesses, from sole proprietors to enterprise brands, ClearSale’s team brings deep experience helping online retailers win with ecommerce both domestically and internationally. The Gateway to E-Commerce podcast is a valuable resource that ClearSale adds to its already extensive content library to help merchants navigate the ever changing ecommerce marketplace. 

“We wanted to create a channel where our community could learn and actively engage with some of the greatest minds within the eCommerce industry,”

“This will be exclusive content about what works, what doesn’t, and how to find the best pathway to success in this competitive market. We will be bringing together an impressive array of eCommerce global thought leaders from across the industry to the benefit of our listeners.” – Sarah Elizabeth, Senior Director of Marketing, ClearSale

While ClearSale offers innovative fraud protection solutions for online merchants, the podcast encompasses a much broader topics of interest to all retailers with digital storefronts. Some of our most popular episodes from season one include tips for online consumer electronics retailers, information on emerging global online markets like Mexico, and advice on choosing the right ecommerce platform for your business.

“We’re so excited to dive into this new medium to inform and educate online retailers,”

“While ClearSale’s innovative solutions focus on preventing fraud, our team has extensive experience across all areas of eCommerce that we are certain can improve the businesses of online merchants, large and small.” – Rafael Lourenco, Executive Vice President, ClearSale

The Gateway to E-Commerce podcast officially launched September 16, 2020. Episodes can be downloaded or streamed from Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Those with questions or feedback about the podcast can email [email protected], or visit

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