Consumers Won’t Likely Complete Purchases on Smartphones


Cart abandonment is a reality for online shopping. Just as it is easy to purchase, so it is easy to leave without completing a purchase. A recent study has found that cart abandonment is more likely to happen when people are using smart phones and tablets.

The study was made by the University of East Anglia and published on the Journal of Business Research. The research has shown that whilst there is a lot of online traffic coming from smart phones and tablets (As much as 46 percent of eCommerce traffic came from them in Q2 2016). Only about 27 percent then complete their purchases.

Mobile Cart Abandonment

There are some likely reasons why this is happening. One reason cited is that shoppers couldn’t see the whole image of the product on smart phones, so couldn’t decide whether the product looks good or not. Another reason is more about privacy and security.

“This is a phenomenon that has not been well researched, yet it represents a huge opportunity for retailers,” Flora Huang, Lead Researcher of the Project

Image: Amazon | Amazon Mobile AppThe report has said that cart abandonment could be lessened if consumers are satisfied with their choices. One way that this could be done is by making the site more mobile friendly.

Today, whilst many big sites are becoming more mobile friendly, less clutter, and are more organized so that pages and images fit into smartphones and tablets. Other sites that aren’t optimized for mobile are still giving their users such negative experiences, which is likely responsible for the abandonment.

Mobile Optimization is Key

Mobile shopping or mCommerce is making online shopping in general much easier.

Optimizing sites so that they can be mobile friendly has made more people consider mobile shopping and meant that for many websites the primary browsing experience for their customers is a mobile device.

With this trend not looking to slow down the importance of having a truly mobile optimised website has never been greater for eCommerce businesses.

What other ways could be done in order to reduce cart abandonment on mobile phones? Comment in the section below.

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