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Code42, the owners of Crash Plan, announced this week they are phasing out the Home subscription plan to their backup service. This includes the popular computer-to-computer backup feature which is not available on the small business and enterprise editions of CrashPlan.

The company stopped selling new Home subscriptions this week and will not renew expiring Home subscriptions. But they are providing some options to existing customers.

“The needs of our business and consumer customers have diverged dramatically in the past few years.”
“With the rise in threats facing organizations today, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the data security and visibility solutions those organizations require. This continues to fuel our high growth and is driving our strategic decision to focus solely on business and education markets. We worked hard to find the best possible alternatives for CrashPlan for Home customers as we transition out of the consumer market.”

Joe Payne, President and CEO of Code42

Because many micro businesses, especially home based businesses selling on eBay or Etsy, may use the Home subscription plan of CrashPlan, this change will impact them.

If you subscribe to the Home edition of CrashPlan, here is what you need to know.


All existing Home subscriptions will receive a complimentary 60-day extension on their scheduled expiration date. This means, even if your plan is about to expire you still have plenty of time to consider your next backup options.

Code42 will honor all existing Home subscription plans and offer support until October 22, 2018. If you just bought a plan on Monday, you are covered for 14 months!

The company will offer a 75 percent discount for 12 months on the small business plan, which currently costs $10 per device each month.

If you choose to migrate to the small business plan, the company will do all the work and make sure your data is protected during this migration. You can learn more about this process here on the Code42 migration page.

One benefit of staying with CrashPlan on the small business plan is that you receive unlimited storage. However, you cannot share this storage among different devices as was possible with the Home subscription plan.


Code42 also partnered with Carbonite to help with backup migration to another leading backup solutions provider.

“We’re pleased to partner with Code42 and welcome all CrashPlan for Home customers.”
“We’re confident they will appreciate our exclusive discount, easy path to transition and, most of all, our powerful data protection solutions designed to meet their needs today and into the future.”

Mohamad Ali, President and CEO of Carbonite

There was no mention of the exact “exclusive discount” CrashPlan customer may receive from Carbonite.

Carbonite routinely offers a 25 percent discount on its middle tier plan. But the statement by Mohamad Ali seems to indicate there will be special pricing.

If you are a CrashPlan Home subscription customer, you may want to contact CrashPlan or Carbonite for more information.

While disappointing and inconvenient, it does seem Code42 is doing a lot to accommodate current subscribers.

Proper backups are critically important for any business, even a home based business. To that end, the time provided, and the options suggested, should allow you a safe and properly executed backup migration.

Do you use CrashPlan’s Home subscription plan? If so, let us know how this may impact your business in the comments section below.

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