DHL Air Austria launch

DHL Launches DHL Air Austria Boosting European Air Network

DHL Express launched its newly established cargo airline DHL Air Austria which is headquartered at the Vienna Airport. The founding of this new DHL division is an important milestone for DHL Express in Austria, which began 41 years ago.

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“With this important step, we are making our air freight network in Europe more flexible and stable, while at the same time continuing to meet our customers’ high demand for cross-border express deliveries and providing them with sufficient capacity.”

Ralf Schweighöfer, CEO of DHL Express Austria

In a more globalized world, the importance of exports and imports is growing rapidly, and this trend will continue even after the COVID-19 pandemic. The global networking of domestic companies is steadily becoming a key competitive factor to expand services across many regions.

For example, DHL Express recently opened its new international hub At Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport as part of its commitment to connect businesses globally.

The company continues to contribute to the economic recovery of the European economy after the COVID-19 pandemic by investing and expanding its resilient and flexible air transport network which the new cargo airline is a part of.

“The new airline DHL Air Austria is an important boost for our aviation industry and the domestic economy. The location decision for Austria is a strong signal for our country. The new headquarter at Vienna International Airport will also create an important value for the region.”

Dr. Magnus Brunner, State Secretary for Aviation

Sustainable DHL Air Austria Headquarter at Vienna Airport

The new cargo airline DHL Air Austria will handle European cargo flights with eighteen Boeing 757 aircraft and around 176 pilots.

At the Vienna International Airport, the employees will be responsible for the airline’s daily operations, including crew scheduling, flight planning, and crew training. In addition, they are responsible for safety, quality, compliance, and the planning of aircraft maintenance.

DHL Air Austria is creating around 54 new and sustainable jobs in Office Park 4 at Vienna Airport which is one of the most modern and sustainable office buildings in Vienna.

“The establishment of DHL Express’ first Austrian airline and the receipt of all licenses is a historic moment for all of us. The efficient implementation of this important milestone would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of our team and, above all, without the great support of the responsible ministry as well as Austro Control.”

Barbara Achleitner, Managing Director of DHL Air Austria

Austria Centric Location Was Key Factor

DHL examined several options in various European countries and after an exhaustive process, Austria was chosen as the optimal location for the new cargo airline.

Besides the stable political and economic conditions as well as an excellent global reputation for the domestic aviation authorities, the location also offers the best geographical conditions in Europe.

“I am particularly pleased that with DHL Air Austria we can welcome another airline to the Austrian aircraft register. I would like to thank DHL Express for the good and professional cooperation, which has made it possible to complete this process so quickly and efficiently. It is also a sign of the high quality of our aviation authorities and a consequence of the high quality of service we offer our customers every day that more and more renowned airlines are finding their way to Austria. We have earned this excellent international reputation in recent years, and we intend to continue along this path in the future as a modern and service-oriented aviation authority.” 

Dr. Valerie Hackl, Managing Director of Austro Control

At the moment, four of the 18 Boeings are already registered in Austria. Another fifteen Boeing 757 aircraft will be transferred to DHL Air Austria in the first quarter of 2022. By that time, the DHL Air Austria team will have moved into the modern Office Park 4 and will be managing the business from there.

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