DHL eCommerce Solutions Building Orlando, Florida

DHL eCommerce Solutions Relocates and Doubles Facility in Orlando

DHL eCommerce Solutions announces the relocation of its distribution center in Orlando, Florida to a facility that is twice the size of its previous location.

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With a sprawling area of 129,000 square feet, the new center accommodates warehouse space, conference rooms, training facilities, and office areas. The expansion has also resulted in an increase in employment opportunities, with approximately 145 full-time and part-time employees being hired.

Situated at 4752 Judge Rd., Orlando, FL, the new distribution center conveniently lies just two miles away from the Orlando International Airport.

As part of its operational upgrades, the facility will be equipped with two NPI Gen3 Xstream Dual Lane Sliding Shoe Sorters this year.

These advanced systems will efficiently handle a staggering volume of over 28,000 lightweight domestic and international parcels and packages per hour.

The sorted items will be directed to various bin destinations, including tubs, carts, and gaylords. Furthermore, the center will incorporate environmentally friendly features such as LED lighting.

By the end of 2023, two electric vehicle charging stations will also be installed, further enhancing the center’s sustainability initiatives.

“We have operated in the Orlando area for more than a decade, and with this increased space, we can help our long-time and new customers grow while we manage significantly more e-commerce domestic and international volume,” said Lee Spratt, CEO of DHL eCommerce Solutions, Americas.

DHL eCommerce Solutions Expansion in the United States

The relocation of the distribution center in Orlando is part of DHL eCommerce Solutions’ broader strategy for growth in the United States over the next five years.

Since February 2023, the company has been executing its expansion plan, which includes moving its Stow, Ohio operation to a wholly-owned building, relocating its Salt Lake City distribution center to a larger facility, and establishing a brand new distribution center in Kansas City, MO, which opened its doors in June 2023.

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