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DHL Launches Climate-Neutral Shipping Pilot Project “GoGreen Plus” Service in Germany


The Post & Parcel Germany division of Deutsche Post DHL Group is now launching a new service offer for business customers that will actively avoid carbon emissions generated within the Group’s own network during parcel shipping.

This new offer will initially be available only to those select customers participating in a pilot project.

The project gives businesses the option of shipping their parcels 100% carbon-free by preventing carbon emissions from being generated in the first place within the Deutsche Post DHL logistics network during parcel transport.

To that end, Deutsche Post DHL is investing in additional reduction measures such as more electric vehicles and greater use of sustainable fuels.

Emissions are reduced 1:1, i.e., the exact amount that would normally be generated within the DPDHL network by transport of the customer’s shipment is the amount reduced by the extra measures.

GoGreen Plus is thus the next leap in the evolution of Deutsche Post DHL’s GoGreen service, which has been available since 2007.

The GoGreen program offsets carbon emissions from domestic and international parcel shipping by purchasing emissions certificates from external climate projects around the world.

DHL’s GoGreen sustainable parcel shipping service is extremely popular among its customers and has gradually emerged as the benchmark for sustainable parcel delivery practices.

GoGreen Plus, however, replaces carbon offsets and its reliance on external climate protection measures with carbon “insetting,” i.e., avoiding the emissions within one’s own value chain.

“Our pilot customers are extremely interested in GoGreen Plus. This shows that the actual avoidance of emissions in Deutsche Post DHL’s own logistics chain is an important topic for our customers. We’re proud to be building on our role as industry leader in the field of sustainability as we develop our processes and products to be more environmentally friendly than ever.”

Ole Nordhoff, Chief Marketing Officer in the Post & Parcel Germany division

The pilot was launched to gain more experience with the new service and improve its processes.

GoGreen Plus for parcels is expected to be made available to other business customers starting in 2023 and be expanded to other products sometime this year.

DHL GoGreen Plus Next Level in Climate-Neutral Shipping

For years now, Deutsche Post DHL has sought and implemented sustainable solutions for the transport, sorting and delivery of letter mail and parcels.

Examples include the growing number of electric vehicles in the delivery fleet, parcel transport by environmentally friendly rail and the commissioning of climate-neutral facilities.

Over the last five years, the company has integrated a range of measures throughout the logistics chain that have reduced its own per-parcel carbon emissions by 25 percent.

At the same time, Deutsche Post DHL offers customers the opportunity to compensate or reduce carbon emissions through climate-friendly options such as its established GoGreen service and now the new GoGreen Plus service, the next level in climate-neutral shipping.  

GoGreen Plus can be booked together with DHL Paket during the current pilot project. A GoGreen Plus offer is also available for domestic advertising mail and press items.

The company plans to expand GoGreen Plus to letter mail during the course of this year.  

Deutsche Post DHL will be announcing other sustainability-related news at a press conference in Berlin on May 11.

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