DHL Opens New Service Centers in Philadelphia and New Jersey

DHL recently opened new facilities in Philadelphia and New Jersey, further expanding its footprint in the region, including northern Delaware.

The $20 million investment brings more conveniently located and spacious facilities to handle higher shipping volumes, resulting in faster shipment processing and earlier local deliveries.

This is part of DHL’s overall investment in its America’s region which includes expanding air hubs and regional delivery networks to build the capacity needed to manage rising shipping volume from online commerce and global trade.

New DHL Facilities Build for Future Growh

B2C and B2B eCommerce shipment volumes continue to drive unprecedented growth in the US.

These two new facilities address the need to increase capacity for future growth by splitting a previous facility in Philadelphia into two new locations that are also more geographically centered to serve customers in the region.

The new Philadelphia facility is located at 550 Elmwood Avenue in Sharon Hill, PA, close to downtown Philadelphia, as well as the Philadelphia International Airport, maximizing DHL’s service window for deliveries.

The New Jersey facility is located at 1240 Forest Parkway, Suite 400 in West Deptford. It adds increased morning and evening processing capacity and reduces overall travel of courier route miles in the Greater Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey markets.

In addition, the New Jersey facility also serves DHL customers in the northern Delaware region.

Together, the operations total 238,872 square feet, adding 144,785 square feet of improved working space over the previous single facility in Philadelphia.

“By strategically choosing to relocate and expand in these key markets, we are ensuring our customers receive the highest levels of service while making smart investments for future growth. With 10-year leases signed at both locations, DHL is committed long-term to these communities and our local employees.”

Reiner Wolfs, Vice President and General Manager, Northeast Area, DHL Express

Both facilities handle DHL US domestic shipments as well as international shipments from and to more than 220 countries and territories.

They feature upgraded material handling equipment that increases import capacity by 50% and export capacity by 100% and will allow first deliveries to go out 30 minutes earlier. The two locations have a total of 140 pickup and delivery vehicle positions and employ over 200 people combined.

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