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Australian Government look to digital identification for SMEs


Australia is looking into giving small and medium enterprises (SMEs) their own digital identification.

The purpose of having SMEs have their own digital identifiers is to streamline SME transactions with the government.

Currently individuals in Australia have digital identifiers, and the Australian government would like to replicate this for SMEs too.

Digital Identification for businesses

With a digital identifier in place, SMEs can work with the government more efficiently online.

Craig Laundry, Australia’s Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science has noted that what’s missing is that the government is not seen as a business partner.

By allocating businesses a digital identifier, he believes that this would change as SMEs can then talk more directly with government on a one-on-one basis online.

“What we are working hard on delivering is if you are a business, you have a business identifier, and when you come on to you are uniquely identified… it allows us to have a two-way conversation with you, whereas is currently a generic website … the minute we solve the identification piece, we can have a chat with you one-on-one.”

Craig Laundry, Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science

Individuals in Australia can interact with up to 10 government agencies through the online portal.

They do this with a digital identification code, which is unique to each individual. Using this same system for SMEs will give businesses the ability to interact the same way that individuals do.

Are Digital Identifications for businesses a good thing?

A unique digital identification code for SMEs will help businesses with government transactions more directly in Australia, especially online.

This will greatly streamline business as well as make communication more efficient for all parties involved.

For eCommerce this would be a big help, as it would mean lesser time going through different portals in order to interact with the government on necessary matters.

Overall we think that this is a positive step forward for Australian businesses, as streamlining governmental communications can only be a good thing.

There are a few questions around the security aspect of such a system.

If it is already used for individuals you would have to assume all of the right measures already exist.

What do you think? Is this something that you would agree with for your business? Let us know down below.


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