Easyship Partners with eBay on International Shipping Program

Easyship to Provide Infrastructure for eBay International Shipping Program

Earlier today, eBay “officially” announced it new eBay International Shipping program. Parts of the new program had been revealed earlier, but today’s announcement explained a lot more of how the program will actually work.

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In addition, Avalara announced it will be handling the customs and compliance side of the program, and now we learn that eBay has selected Easyship to manage the infrastructure of its new global shipping program.

Easyship comprises a team of enthusiastic ecommerce industry experts, initially established in Hong Kong, and now headquartered in London, with offices scattered worldwide.

The company is a leading shipping software solution for ecommerce, and this announcement builds on its existing partnership with eBay to now include its new international shipping solution.

Since 2019, the Easyship API has been supporting eBay with different services, such as label generation, cross-border compliance, and tracking in the U.S., while also facilitating domestic and international shipments across Canada and Australia.

Easyship is assisting eBay in their goal to promote borderless commerce by combining an unparalleled global courier network with technology to facilitate frictionless delivery.

Through the eBay interface, sellers can now access a wide range of regional and express solutions at affordable prices to reach their buyers across the globe.

“Our technology and expertise in borderless ecommerce & smart logistics with eBay’s roadmap, enables us to now build a world-class logistics solution together,” Easyship co-founder Augustin Ceyrac said in a statement.

“Easyship provides the infrastructure of eBay International Shipping, and we are excited to expand our footprint of logistics – enhanced ecommerce together, truly democratizing border-free sales for merchants of all sizes.”

“eBay is passionate about giving people the opportunity to connect with the things they love – no matter what country or category,” said Adam Ireland, VP and GM, eBay U.S.

“With eBay International Shipping, we’re making global connections more accessible, affordable, and profitable, significantly increasing the volume of items available to shoppers in 200+ countries.

“Our partnership with Easyship makes it even easier for our sellers to tap into a universe of new business opportunities.”

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